Relationships are everything.

Learn how to make relationships thrive.

Meet Vikki Hoobyar, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist offering brief solution focused therapy, including CBT, Coaching, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and Group Therapy

Vikki Hoobyar is a compassionate, experienced coach & counselor based in Redwood City, California.

Which type of support is right for you?

Brief Therapy

Certified in CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), clients have an option to achieve the improvement they want in a short amount of time. Evidence based counseling is based on the assessment of whether or not what we are doing is working

Brief Therapy is very effective and is preferred by many people who don’t have the time to invest in longer term solutions.


Counseling can help you get in touch with your deeper emotions. Knowing how you feel can be an effective way to discover what troubles you and what you are needing. This discovery process can then help you make desired changes in your life.

  Counseling is good for childhood emotional abuse and neglect, low self-esteem, stress, relationship issues and adjustment problems.


Group therapy is like counseling on a fast track. It offers the opportunity to work through problems you may have experienced in your original group (your family), and learn how to be vulnerable without defensiveness, which allows real personal growth.

Furthermore, groups allow you to gain a useful perspective from others.  We often have no idea what impression we are making until someone points it out.  You end up with more insight into your communication patterns and their effect on others.

I prefer to work in “process” with groups. That means that the members do not talk about issues outside of the room. They try to talk about what’s going on in the room between the group members. This is where real growth occurs.

Vikki's Areas of Expertise

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy
Neurolinguistic Programming

Process Group Therapy
Codependence Recovery

Executive Coaching
Career Guidance
Conflict Resolution


Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy can help couples find the love they thought was lost.


Build your love relationship to last.

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy can reignite passion

and increase feelings of attachment.



Emotional attachment is the common thread that holds couples together. No matter what issues are present in your relationship, knowing your own and your partner’s attachment style can mitigate many of the problems frequently experienced by couples.

When conflict arises are you a pursuer, a withdrawer or some combination of both? What are the deepest fears you hold that often show up as anger? Do your arguments become too intense? Does it seem that your partner is just not paying attention or not “getting” you?

We all want to be known and loved. We want to feel attached to our partner and know that our partner is attached to us. We need to know that we are both loved and wanted.


Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy is a unique system designed by Susan Johnson to help couples reconnect with each other emotionally. There are several conversations that each couple works through. The couples I’ve had that have finished this work, have experienced significant improvement in their relationship

When time permits a detailed personality test is included along with developmental and attachment assessments, which Vikki uses as a framework to offer specialized tools for helping both partners cope with each other's differences.

Couples Counseling is emotionally focused, solution based, educational, insight oriented and personalized.


Vikki Hoobyar has had first-hand experience of the struggles and joys relationship can bring. Through her own life experiences, she possesses deep personal knowledge about how romantic relationships can thrive or self-destruct.  With her insider's view of how a happy marriage functions, combined with years of hands-on experience working with couples, Vikki has become a highly effective guide for helping partners get back on the same "page" as a couple.

Vikki is committed to helping make your marriage work for you. Occasionally more resources need to be brought in i.e., parenting classes or anger management. Unfortunately, some couples wait too long before seeking the help they need.



Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy can help couples:

*Identify the deeper feelings that can occur during disagreements.

*Learn how to disagree in more functional ways.

*Get your love life going again..



Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy is based on the research and work done by Dr. Sue Johnson. Vikki also uses the following resources as needed; work published by the The Couples Institute (Bader & Pearson); Relationship Empowerment (Terry Real); Family Mind (Lutz Wessel); Relationships and Boundaries (Charles Whitfield); NLP Brief Therapy for Couples and Metaprograms (Robert Dilts & Dr. Robert McDonald); Intimacy Building (David Snarch); Meyers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator; and Narrative Therapy.



It's time to become the woman you want to be.


Learn how to love others by learning

how to love yourself!

Get the past out of the way and -

become the person you really want to be. 



As women, we have the opportunity to positively effect so many lives. Our power to form deep emotional connections to extended family, friends, husbands, children, and coworkers can be transformational. However, childhood wounds, a history of abuse or neglect, unhealthy patterns of relating, unresolved grief, childbirth issues, child rearing problems, and menopause can create major distractions that take us away from our true selves.

 Healing dysfunctional ways of thinking and acting, can help women who experience dissatisfying relationships. Many women come to notice similarities between their parents, and in the men in their lives.  Time and time again we recreate past relationships in an effort to redo the past in a better way.  

The past needs to be healed so a new present and future can be possible.


Repetitive patterns occur because we find ourselves doing habitual behaviors we are not aware of. Even if what we are doing isn't working, we don't know what to do instead. The same thoughts, feelings and behaviors we have carried with us from childhood are still playing out, as well as combining with new unresolved issues from the recent past. 

Vikki's work centers on helping you figure out what you are doing that is not working, and determining the necessary steps to make the changes you want in your life. Fortunately, once we truly know and accept and transform our patterns, we are empowered to love ourselves and others more deeply.


Healing relationship issues involves taking a deep look at personal, family, work and social relationships. This process of becoming fully aware of yourself and what you really need and want in relationships can go a long way in preventing future repeats of past experiences.

Group therapy is uniquely suited for this task because it can help you become aware of your behaviors and how they affect others. You get a clearer picture of your own issues by noticing how others are responding to you. This information allows you to make changes as you see their need and value. In Vikki's groups the main focus is on “process” or the “here and now.” That means group members do their best to keep the conversation in the room and about their feelings towards the other group members.


Women’s Relationship and Self-Esteem Therapy Group (30s-60s)

In this interactive group you will:

• Assess your personal family of origin issues and their affect on your relationships.
• Identify your patterns and learn more fulfilling ways to connect with others and sustain relationships.
• Identify self-esteem issues you would like to improve on.
• Fine tune your communication skills.
•Discover how beliefs and traumas can impact emotional bonds.
• Use the group as a safe place to practice new skills.


• This group is ongoing and you can join at anytime
• Three months minimum commitment
• 30-minute no-fee interview is required prior to joining

(Not currently meeting.)
Sequoia Counseling Services
165 Arch Street
Redwood City, CA

$320 per month or $80 per session



Executive Coaching can help you figure out what is hindering your success and resolve it.


Attain your goals.

NLP Personal, Professional & Relationship Coaching


Accomplish YOUR Goal

Do you have a pretty good idea of a change you want to make in your life, or a goal you want to attain?  If you feel that the time for change is now and you have control over the desired change (it doesn't require anyone else); Neuro-Linguistic Processing (NLP) is a highly effective tool.

NLP Coaching uses (VAK) the visual, auditory and kinesthetic senses.  In other words, what will you be seeing, hearing and feeling when you have attained your goal?   Secondly, what is stopping you from having it now?  NLP processes can be used for:  allergies, fear of public speaking, phobias, trauma, relationships, motivation, low self-esteem and professional growth.

coaching vs. Therapy

Coaching is not psychotherapy. While therapy focuses on exploring and processing your feelings, thoughts and beliefs as your history has affected them, coaching begins in the present moment and is designed to help you achieve a specific goal, quickly. While past issues may be discussed, they are only explored in a effort to help you discover what is stopping you from reaching your goal

Coaches do not perceive themselves as experts.  You are the expert.  A coach is like a skilled "taxi-cab driver" who supports you in arriving at your desired destination.  Vikki is a certified Destination Coach.


When working with coaching clients, Vikki uses a highly evidence-based approach that allows both parties to objectively assess the effects of the coaching process. 

Objective evidence is determined by collecting number ratings prior to and immediately after the client has been lead through a process. (This involves you assigning the severity of your problem or issue a number from one to ten.) These numbers are collected regularly to assure that you are obtaining your desired outcomes on your journey toward goal attainment.



Add skills and beliefs that will assist you in creating your ideal life.


A workshop for your present and future.

Use positive imagery and energy to create your desired life.


Power of Emotions

This workshop focuses on the effect of personal emotions on the science of energy. You will be helped to write a very powerful affirmation for your focus goal and sub-affirmations to support that goal. Then you will make a vision board with images that you like.  (Optional: At the end of the workshop, those who are comfortable can share the finished project with the group.)

We will share a pot luck lunch during this 5-hour workshop or you can bring your own lunch. The fee for the workshop is $200 and includes all materials.

Dates To Be Determined



Supporting your authentic self on your life's journey.


Meet Vikki Hoobyar, LMFT.

An experienced therapist & coach committed to your wellbeing.


  Vikki is the author of  “The Grief Resolution Series” based on the suicide death of her first husband, and the upcoming book “Making Peace with Mom,” a memoir of healing childhood wounds.

Spirituality plays an important role in healing. As a person who is deeply respectful of others' beliefs, Vikki will accept and support you spiritually in a way that works optimally for you. 


CAMFT: California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
NCGPS: Northern California Group Psythotherapy Society
NLP Cafe: Neurolinguistic Programming Skills Enhancement Alumni Group
IASH: The Institute for the Advanced Study of Health


Vikki works with a wide range of clients, each with their own needs and preferences. She is happy to work with most adults and frequently the clients drawn to her range in age from 20 to 60. Many of her clients are women who can hear their internal “clock” ticking with few or no prospects for marriage. Vikki works with men of all ages who are feeling lost and perhaps experiencing an identity crisis. Whatever the circumstances, Vikki will draw upon her training and experience to offer caring assistance.


Vikki graduated with honors from California State University – Hayward in 1999. She holds a B.S. in Clinical Process and Personality Development and an M.S. degree in Marriage and Family Counseling.  She has had NLP Training from some of the very best trainers in the world: the late Tom Hoobyar, Tim Hallbom, Suzie Smith, Kris Hallbom, Tom Gorley, Robert Dilts, Dr. Robert McDonald (Destination Coaching), and Linda Gouche, to name a few, and is an avid participant in the NCGPS (Northern California Group Therapy Society) yearly colloquial.